How To Keep Going When Obstacles Never Stop Coming, Designing Your Own Product For Amazon – Amy Wees

About This Episode Amy Wees does everything – She does Amazon FBA. She designs her own products. She wholesales. And more… But it’s what you don’t see now that is really inspiring. She doesn’t quit. Amy’s story is one of obstacle after obstacle. And as a busy mom with a career, it’s impressive. Listen now … Read more

Building Successful Kickstarter Campaigns, Lessons Learned From Painting Houses – Khierstyn Ross

 About This Episode EPISODE 40 June 2, 2020 Khierstyn Ross wasn’t in love with painting houses during summer breaks.  But she loved the freedom it gave her, and she loved helping others build house painting businesses too. Now Khierstyn helps eCommerce brands launch products on Kickstarter – applying what she learned in the house … Read more

Profit First For eCommerce Sellers – Cyndi Thomason

 About This Episode EPISODE 91 May 25, 2021 Here’s the problem: You’re working hard, but your bank account isn’t growing. Not as fast as it used to anyway. So you work harder, with mild success. What’s the answer? Cyndi Thomason helps ecommerce business owners grow their profits. She’s the author of Profit First For … Read more

Less Work, Less Stress, Better Sleep, Better Business; Truly Next Level eCommerce – Ronnie Teja

 About This Episode EPISODE 46 July 14, 2020 Ronnie Teja had a great eCommerce business. 25+ employees, great fashion brand, worldwide sales – but he was worn out. Fast forward 6 months, and his business is stronger than ever. He’s working less, he’s happier. And he’s sleeping better. That should tell you more than … Read more