How To Thrive In Uncertainty, Lessons From The Israeli Special Forces #BeYourOwnHero – Itamar Marani

About This Episode April 28, 2020 #035 – How do you take decisive action in a world of uncertainty? Itamar Marani specializes in helping business owners move forward during crisis. And he knows his stuff. Here’s a condensed version of his bio: 10+ years in counter terrorism, Israeli Special Forces, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt … Read more

2 For 1: Amazing Affiliate Marketing For eCommerce & How To Hire Excellent Managers – Mads Singers

About This Episode EPISODE 55 September 15, 2020 This was supposed to be an episode about team building. But that’s what happens when you invite Mads Singers. He drops unexpected, earth-shaking value bombs. Mads shares how he applies affiliate marketing to eCommerce for a ridiculous ROI. You’ve never heard of doing affiliate marketing like this. … Read more